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I went to Avi Arya sir to ask what to do at his office in India, after that I met him 5 times and my agency courses started because of Mr. Arya. If you are an agency founder he is the OG nobody knows this game like him , join the agency founder and grow your agency sales.

Digital Dhairya

Agency Founder of Creators Legacy


Elite Agency Founder

Group Coaching Mastermind

We help Agency Founders who continue to add one client and lose another go from this frustrating cycle to add only high-paying clients, one every week, to build a profitable agency that you feel happy going to every morning (yes, its possible).

This is for agency founders who have teams, systems, and ad spend budgets but cannot put things together to make solid profits.



Group Coaching

16 Weeks

This is NOT for

Agency founders currently earning less than 3 lakhs per month.

Individual freelancers or solo practitioners without a team.

Agency owners looking for quick fixes or overnight success

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Are you an agency founder struggling between fixing leads , closures , team building and something keeps breaking all the time ?

Then this RFC program is for you! Its not a course but a powerful community backed Program that extends 1 year with 10 highly implementable modules that you can use from day 1 and start generative revenue in your coaching business or agency business.

Hi, I m Avi Arya
A Family first
entrepreneur & on a
mission to make
coaches & agency
founder rich again.

All Agency Founders Get Stuck


Stuck at 1 Cr Revenue with No Profit

Despite achieving 1 Cr in revenue, your agency is struggling
to make a profit. Increasing team salaries, rising tool costs,
and a constant churn of clients leave your net revenue at
zero. You’ve tried investing in coaching but haven’t found
the right agency coach to guide you out of this stagnation.


Inadequate Team for Scaling Up

Your current team helped you reach 1 Cr, but they lack the
skills needed to grow to 10 Cr. Youre stuck because you
cant fire the old team and are hesitant to hire new talent.
This leaves you struggling with operations and team
dynamics, preventing your agency from scaling up


Neglecting Your Own Digital Presence

You excel at boosting your clients’ social media reach but
neglect your own agency’s digital platforms. This
inconsistency undermines your credibility and growth
potential. Just like a fitness coach needs to be fit, your
agency’s social media presence must reflect your
expertise to attract more clients and scale from 1 Cr to 5 Cr.


Delegation Without Accountability

You’ve delegated operational tasks to a growth manager
and stepped back from day-to-day activities, including
sales. However, this has led to poor retention and delivery
issues, with a one-in, one-out client cycle. This lack of
oversight is preventing your agency from achieving
sustainable growth.


Outdated Systems Hindering Growth

Despite knowing how to deliver results and the potential to
charge higher retainers, your agency relies on outdated
tools like Google Sheets and WhatsApp for project
management. Implementing robust systems like
Basecamp or Zoho is crucial for efficient operations and
scaling your agency from 1 Cr to 10 Cr.


Cash Flow Issues with Client Payments

Your agency’s cash flow is strained due to clients delaying
payments by 30, 60, or even 90 days. With 90 Lakhs
already stuck in the market, you fear that scaling to a 10 Cr
agency will exponentially increase this problem.
Establishing a strong collections team and financial
system is essential to manage this risk and support

Not Anymore...

Meet your mentor for this journey of next 1 year

Hi, I'm Avi Arya

I’m Avi Arya, father of 2 beautiful girls, 6 dogs, husband of a Superwoman, a Streetcar racer, turned Hotelier, now a social media marketer and the founder of the Internet Moguls.


Recognition & Honors

Enjoy Exclusive Benefits Benefits

Scale from 3 lakh to 10 lakhs in monthly revenue within 4 months.

Access to a network of million-dollar agency founders for direct mentorship.

Establish a high-performing team that aligns with agency goals.

Gain authority and visibility in the niche through consistent content and community engagement.

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Unlock your full potential as a high-achieving entrepreneur!

I connected with Avi Arya when I took his Webinar Mastery
Program and then the association has been long and deep.
Avi was our coach and agency to help us run our 1st webinar
and create a program that established me and my business
partner in the world of online coaching

Sanjay Wadhwa

Founder Phenom Coaching ( one of Indias top coaching
companies based in Mumbai )

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Once accepted, you ll gain immediate access to over 100 hours of training, onboarding materials, the Elite community, and dates for upcoming weekly mentorship calls

Enjoy Exclusive Benefits Benefits

All the benefits you will receive upon joining.

Build a lead generating agency YouTube channel that also boosts your authority.

Learn to scale and secure international clients in your niche

Access ad templates that generated over 100 crore in revenue, with license to replicate

Develop strategies to convert outreach and inbound efforts into monthly sales of 10 lakhs to 1 crore

Get finance tracker systems to send only profitable proposals and close with a high margin balance sheet at the end of the year

Get Access to learn & ask questions to 12 million dollar agency founders and ask questions directly.

Become a speaker and launch your own agency roundtables in India and abroad

1 Year access to the must have 10 tools every agency needs to scale

Learn how Avi Arya set up his businesses so that the business run and scaled without him getting involved regularly

Two twice a year physical masterminds with Avi Arya and top agency founders

Get the Rich Agency Founder Logo that separates your agency from others in the market

One full day pass to visit Internet Moguls office to see how a 100+ team is working

Learn how to become a Family First agency founder—What steps Avi Arya is taking to grow with his family?

Agency Founder s Community

How it Works

How it Works

Get Set

  • Discuss what you were doing in the Get %et phase (Micro Niche, Hero Introduction, Ideal Customer Avatar
    (ICA), Monster Customer Avatar (MCA), and social media usage) before joining the program
  • Share the impact of following the process in the program and your most impactful light bulb moment
  • Include before and after photos of
    • Your earlier niche and new niche
    • Hero Intro Video imperfect and perfect versions
    • Previous ICA and new ICA
    • New MCA
    • Your social following, bio, display picture, and banner examples

Set Mindset

  • Talk about how your mindset changed after joining the program and the most impactful light bulb moment
  • Describe how adopting the right mindset has changed your life
  • Share actionable tips that helped you and could help others

Get Known

  • Discuss your activities in the “Get Known phase before and after joining the program, including the light bulb
  • Share details on
    • The price point you were stuck at
    • Duration of your ideal sales cycle before and after
    • Conversion percentage before and after
    • Include photos/videos of before and after.

Get Leads

  • Talk about your lead generation methods before and after joining the program, including the light bulb
  • Share details on
    • Methods used to get leads before and how many you used to get
    • Examples of ads created before and after
    • Conversion percentages of qualified vs. non-qualified leads before and after
    • Cost per lead (optional)
    • Include screenshots of your CRM, emails sent before and after, and WhatsApp messages (preferably video

Get Sales

  • Discuss your sales process before and after joining the program, including the light bulb moment
  • Share details on
    • Monthly sales closed
    • Different methods used to get sales before and after
    • The method that got you the most sales using our program
    • Conversion percentages and monthly income before vs. now
    • Include screenshots of payment received, dashboards, and invoices

Get Team

  • Talk about team management before and after joining the program, including the light bulb moment
  • Share details on
    • Managing your team (if you had any)
    • Frustrations and anxiety about managing the team
    • Hiring processes before and after
    • Selection and rejection criteria before and after
    • Interview questions before vs. now, and how they helped find the right person for the role
    • Include before and after photos.

Get System

  • Discuss your system setup before and after joining the program, including the light bulb moment
  • Share details on
    • Churn rate
    • Workflow before and after
    • Meeting deadlines before and after
    • Task assignment and review processes before and after
    • Include before and after workflow photos

#Join the club today!

The ultimate private mentorship group for founders
 seeking unparalleled growth and success

See what Agency Founders are saying

I join every program of Mr. Arya and his school in fact I m his
first student in every batch, see the agency world is not easy
and not for everybody but when you work with Avis company
you know they don t learn and teach they Experience and
teach, it s an agency team teaching you to grow an agency.

Ajay Singh

Agency Founder of Chili Factor Communications

I bagged my first 5 lakh rupees client with the help of
IMOTW% Program. I would like to thank Mr. Avi Arya for
bringing me out of my shell and enlightening me with the
power of social media.

Nishu Tripathi

HR Consultant and Mentor

I would say it was one of the best decisions to join IMOTW
community. The way Avi personally involves in solving the
problems of each member is amazing. Avi makes everyone
his FAN. He and the community help each other in a way that
I have not seen at any other place

Aditya Mundra

Agency Founder of Sabhi Digital

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