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Focussed Weekly Deal Closure System (WDCS)

The Focussed Weekly Deal Closure System (WDCS) is a coaching program designed to help individuals close deals effectively and consistently. This program is specifically created for coaches who have moderate revenue but lack consistency, individuals who want to add a coaching angle to their existing business, people who require serious accountability in their sales process, and those who have some sales but lack a structured sales process.

  1. Get leads and close deals: Learn effective strategies to generate quality leads and improve your deal closure rate.
  2. Coaching and certification: Receive coaching and certification to enhance your sales skills and knowledge.
  3. Addressing lead generation challenges: Overcome the issue of not finding the right leads or agency to assist in your sales process.
  4. Follow-up system: Implement a reliable follow-up system to efficiently engage with potential leads.
  5. Learn how to close: Develop the necessary skills and knowledge to close deals successfully.

Why It’s Not Your Fault:
The program acknowledges that the challenges faced by participants are not their fault, as they might lack the proper guidance, support, and resources needed to excel in deal closure. The Focussed Weekly Deal Closure System aims to bridge this gap and provide a solution.

Avi aryas HHR System:
The program incorporates Avibaryas High Accountability, High Implementation, and Rich Environment (HHR) system. This system ensures a structured and supportive environment where participants are held accountable, provided with practical implementation strategies, and have access to a rich network of resources.

Program Duration and Targets:
The program spans over four months, during which participants are guided to achieve specific milestones.

Month 1: Close your first deal.
Month 2: Close two deals.
By the end of the four-month duration, the average participant is expected to have closed two high ticket deals.

Who Is This Program For:
1. Coaches with revenue ranging from 1 to 2 lacs but lacking consistency.
2. Business owners looking to add a coaching angle to their existing business.
3. Individuals in need of serious accountability in their sales process.
4. People who have some sales but lack a structured sales process.

Who This Program Is Not For:
This program is not suitable for individuals who only have an idea and no revenue yet.

Coaching Program Details:
1. Lead generation strategies and tactics tailored to your business.
2. Sales process guidance and training to improve your closing skills.
3. Weekly coaching sessions to monitor progress and address challenges.
4. Access to a community of like-minded individuals for networking and support.
5. Tools and resources to establish a robust follow-up system.

Note: For a detailed breakdown of the coaching program’s content, pricing, and additional benefits, please contact us or visit our website.

Remember, with the Focussed Weekly Deal Closure System, you can transform your business revenue and achieve consistent success in closing high-ticket deals.

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