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Fitness Coach Nikhil Tyagi Achieves 1 Crore In one Year With Avi Arya

Digital Marketing Agency Owner Achieves 10 Lakhs A Month

Dentist Dr. Uman Shah Achieves 10 Lakhs In 6 Month

Recruitment Company Owner Padma Ji Achieves 1 Crore in 6 Month

Fitness Coach Mohit Jain Achieves 12 Lakhs Per Year

Network Marketer Himanshu Patel Achieves 4 Lakhs a Month

Business Coach Naisargi made 35 Lakhs In 7 Months

Stock Broking Expert Sarfaraz Achieves 60 Lakhs a Month Target

Art Educator Raadha Achieve 10 Lakhs in 6 Month

Business Coach Mukta Achieves 1 Lakh every Month

I went to Avi Arya sir to ask what to do at his office in India, after that I met him 5 times and my agency courses started because of Mr. Arya.
If you are an agency founder he is the OG nobody knows this game like him , join the agency founder and grow your agency sales.
Digital Dhairya
Agency Founder of Creators Legacy
I would say it was one of the best decisions to join IMOTW community. The way Avi personally involves in solving the problems of each member is amazing. Avi makes everyone his FAN. He and the community help each other in a way that I have not seen at any other place.
As a Digital Marketing Strategist, I have learnt so many things, I don't think I could have learnt from anywhere else. I am so grateful to the universe to be part of IMOTW community.
Aditya Mundra
Agency Founder of Sabhi Digital
I join every program of Mr. Arya and his school in fact I'm his first student in every batch, see the agency world is not easy and not for everybody but when you work with Avi’s company you know they don't learn and teach they Experience and teach, it's an agency team teaching you to grow an agency.

Unique people and concepts. I recommend them to you if you are looking at growing sales for your agency.
Ajay Singh
Agency Founder of Chili Factor Communications
Four years ago, I crossed paths with a guiding light which ignited the flame of direction and simplicity in my entrepreneurial journey. Avi you've been more than a mentor; you've been a compass steering me towards success. Today, as I stand at the crossroads of my business, I can't help but reflect on the wisdom you've imparted.

Just last week I meet him. And I realised, how a simple conversation can lead to groundbreaking insights. Talking about challenges, dreams, and aspirations can unexpectedly unveil solutions that were hiding in plain sight. Thank you, Avi for being a beacon of inspiration and a guiding force in my entrepreneurial odyssey. Here's to the transformative power of mentorship, conversations, and the unstoppable journey towards business excellence!.
Saakshi Choithani
Founder of Mind Dynamics
I bagged my first 5 lakh rupees client with the help of IMOTWS Program. I would like to thank Mr. Avi Arya for bringing me out of my shell and enlightening me with the power of social media.
Nishu Tripathi
HR Consultant and Mentor
After joining the program if I can reach 6 figure income then anybody can do it. I joined the program when I saw the world is really moving faster. My takeaway was how to use clients' language what they need and use their language. Be an action-taker Not taking decision is a decision in itself (do not delay the decision) Keep your brain fertile (Learn to unlearn,so you can learn new things)
Viddya Ragotra
Relationship Coach

Advisor and Mentor to help the founders connect with large enterprise customers and close more deals in the first 6 months of our association than they ever did.

A very successful partnership to build partners , affiliates and coaching partners across the globe.

Avi Arya


Worked with the global offices to help create and execute a sub continent wide digital marketing strategy and then ran workshops to train General managers and their teams .

The end result led to millions in sales ,online engagement and global accolades for all stake holders.

Avi Arya

Mariott Hotels

New flights✈️ filled up with a brand new audience and made the campaign a super success is less than given time.

The end result led to millions in sales ,online engagement and global accolades for all stake holders.

Avi Arya

Thai Airways

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