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I connected with Avi Arya when I took his Webinar Mastery Program and then the association has been long and deep. Avi was our coach and agency to help us run our 1st webinar and create a program that established me and my business partner in the world of online coaching. Since then that program has seen over 200 clients work with us with over 78% experiencing positive results while generating a few crores in revenue.

I always find Avi's coaching conversations full of wisdom and always leading to solutions. Avi helps me hold the best version of myself and every time I stop believing in that me, his conversations and belief gently nudges me back to behave and act as per that version. I have learnt a lot of tips, ways to do stuff and techniques from Avi, but what I have learnt most and what impacts me the most positively is his value system and values-based coaching. He always encourages me to give my best and that is amazing.
Sanjay Wadhwa
Founder Phenom Coaching ( one of India's top coaching companies based in Mumbai )

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